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Just How Much is One Good Presentation Worth to Your Company?

Only 15% of the success experienced giving a presentation is directly related to knowledge. 85% is based on how well that knowledge is communicated to your audience.
Effective presentation skills are no longer optional, it’s required in order for your company to be successful.
The secret to an effective presentation is to break it down into manageable parts, starting with the results you want to achieve.
Today, competition for business is keen. The winners are the ones who do one thing most effectively….COMMUNICATE!
SmarTalkers’ interactive training is based on a two way flow of communication between Wendy and her participants.  Participants are given opportunities to utilize the 6 Step Loud & Clear Process throughout the training, resulting in a greater understanding of how the process can be effectively used for any presentation. Packed with proven techniques , you’ll have everything you need to make your next presentation your best presentation.

Ask Yourself

  • Do your employee’s presentations lack a competitive edge?
  • Are successful presentations essential to your company’s success?
  • Does your company’s bottom line depend on your employees presentations?
  • Do your employee’s presentations make or break your company’s success?
  • Does an effective presentation make a profitable difference?
  • Do poor presentations lose business?
If you answered “yes” to these questions, through SmarTalkers’ interactive training, packed with information including powerful techniques found in the 6 Step Process of designing and delivering effective presentations, your employees will never be at a loss for how to deliver their message in a way that is compelling, strategic, and results oriented.

.Benefits of SmarTalkers’ Interactive Training Include:

  • Design clear, concise, and effective presentations.

  • Organize and edit your content.

  • Eliminate the tendency to “data dump”.

  • Make your technical content interesting and understandable.

  • Effectively using your voice, gestures, and body language.

  • Use attention-grabbing openings and create closing statements that get action.

  • Overcome presentation jitters and project the confidence of a pro.

  • Deliver your information in a way that will connect with your audience and get the results you want.

What Clients Say About Wendy’s Training Programs

“If it were not for attending Wendy’s seminar on Public Speaking, I would have never made it through my presentation!  No one has a fear of public speaking more than I do.  Even though I was still very nervous giving my presentation, I was confident that I was prepared.  I received extremely positive comments upon closing, especially from my boss who commented, “You nailed it!”
The knowledge and insight you shared, such as the process and audience analysis, was priceless!!!  Thank you Wendy!”
Denise Bralich, Jr. Administrative Assistant Superior Uniform Group

“Wendy was very receptive to understanding the way we do presentations and adapted the training  towards our needs.  This is the most useful course I’ve had in years on giving presentations.  Well done.”
MacDill AFB Special Ops Division

“I was fortunate enough to spend one-day training with Wendy Warman on public speaking and presentation skills. She was very straight-forward and to the point in her coaching and had me hooked on her method from the start. Wendy shared her story on how she conquered her fears and issues with public speaking which I felt grounded everyone so that they could be honest in where they were starting. She also taught us to think about the audience and think about some other things that before then were not even a consideration to most. Using Wendy’s suggestions and techniques along with the preparation plan she provided enabled and empowered me with the ability to give a successful presentation to the executive staff at my company. I can’t begin to thank Wendy enough for helping me.”
Jonas Durst, Manager, Network & Systems Admin. Superior Uniform Group

“I have attended many lectures on how to do presentations, and feel that I learned more from your presentation than in all the others combined!  Using your techniques gave me the tools to organize and deliver the information the audience would be receptive to.  What a concept!!  I learned from you how to arrange the information to fit the needs of the audience, how to use less information on each slide so I would not be just reading each slide, where to change the delivery methods during the presentation, and to feel connected with the audience. 
Public speaking is more exciting than ever!  I began to see positive results immediately!  Thank you so much for the tools – and the confidence – to increase my skills as a presenter!
Laura Josefsen, RN, ACHRN, Vice President Quality Assurance Medical Multiplex, Inc.

“Wendy displayed great mastery of effective communication skills and her ability to coach and engage those in attendance was incredible.”
Mosaic Training

“Numerous employees have communicated to us that your training class was one of the best they have attended.”
Fulbright Director of Training Honeywell

“Your program was not only interesting but entertaining as well! The leg work you did before had obviously paid off a great deal. You arrived prepared and understood our goals.”
Associate of Healthcare Managers

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