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You’ve Never Been at a Loss for Words… But are you a POWER COMMUNICATOR?

  • Have you ever been asked on the spot at a staff meeting to address a particular project you’re working on, only to reply with some kind of unorganized, bumbling answer hoping whatever you said made sense?
  • Have you been so afraid of speaking that you have no idea what you said after your presentation?
  • After delivering your presentation, you received a less than favorable response from your audience?
  • Is speaking something you dread?

Wendy can help you make sure these uncomfortable situations NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN

With SmarTalkers you won’t dread speaking, you’ll learn to love it. From participation in meetings, to speaking before an audience, SmarTalkers will help you develop the skills needed to speak with confidence and success.
SmarTalkers offers comprehensive individual and training opportunities online or in person. With professional training and coaching by SmartTalkers you’ll soon be making a more powerful and positive first impression — as an individual, or as a representative of your company.
THE RESULT? Increased confidence, success and profitability for you and your organization.
Wendy uses her experience and client centered focus to ensure her coaching and training programs exceed her clients’ expectations.
Wendy takes her clients from “Where do I start” to “WOW!” THE SMARTALKERS’ PROCESS REALLY WORKS!

“85% of your success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to your technical knowledge.”

Carnegie Institute of Technology
Your materials and resources will come from Wendy’s book: Loud and Clear: How to Prepare and Deliver Effective Business and Technical Presentations. Our focus will be on the Six Step Process highlighted in the book.


  1. ESTABLISH your objectives
  2. ANALYZE your audience
  3. DEVELOP your preliminary plan
  4. SELECT your resource material
  5. ORGANIZE your presentation

Benefits of Executive Coaching Include:

  • Increase your comfort and confidence level.

  • Design a compelling message.

  • Reduce your preparation time 20-50%

  • Immediately gain your audience’s attention, interest, and involvement.

  • Deliver your message in a clear, confident, and conversational manner.

  • Eliminate distracting mannerisms.

  • Connect more directly with your audience’s needs and wants.

What Clients Say About Wendy’s Coaching Programs

“The difference between working with Wendy of SmarTalkers and the larger public speaking/media training companies which I have worked with, is the larger companies tried to mold me into their way of speaking instead of discovering my style as Wendy did. Wendy spent time getting to know me and my personality which helped me create and deliver a presentation that was successful and I felt comfortable with.”
Chuck Schwartz, Eagle Asset Management

“Working one on one with Wendy helped me overcome the death-like fear I had of public speaking. I’ve learned not only that I have something to say – but I also can present it effectively and when needed, charmingly. I will be forever grateful that we had the chance to work together and will call on her in a minute if I need a booster shot!”
Renee Vaughn, President at Williams Consulting Group

“Wendy’s assistance in polishing the draft, detailing the visual aids, putting a shine on my delivery and, most importantly, instilling a strong degree of self-confidence in me, paid enormous dividends. My presentation, was, without a doubt the most professional of any I had ever given. The material, techniques and ideas that Wendy taught me have not only benefited me in public speaking endeavors but have also improve the quality of and effectiveness of my one-on-one communication with prospects and existing clients.”
Robert J. Burnside, CLU, ChFC, Northwestern Mutual

Wendy was incredibly valuable as I prepared to give a 20-minute keynote in front of 300+ people. She helped me think through my messaging, improve my delivery, and best of all, feel confident when it was time to take that stage. I look forward to working with her again next time I have a high-impact speaking opportunity.
Alexis Grant, Executive Vice President of Content at The Penny Hoarder (Taylor Media)

I’m so happy I found Wendy! She was able to help me discover what was holding me back! I just needed some coaching and guidance to help me realize what was right there in front of me the whole time! 🙂 With much joy and relief, I had an “ah-ha” moment with Wendy and was able to feel confident in moving forward after our time together.
In addition, Wendy really stood out from others I’d reached out to regarding coaching. In our initial call, when I first “met” her, Wendy took the time to make sure she was clear about understanding what my needs were and clear on how she could help me meet those needs.
Thanks again Wendy! I won’t hesitate to reach out again!
CB-St. Petersburg

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